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Executive Officials

The executive office consists of the ASUAF President, Vice President, Public Relations Director, Government Relations Director and Student Advocacy Director. The executive office's purpose is to execute the legislation of the ASUAF Senate, and to be public face of ASUAF.

Functions of the Executive Branch

  • To hold events promoting the purpose of ASUAF

  • To ensure that what the Senate decides is what happens.

  • To outreach to the students.

  • To supply certain services to any student (free legal consultation/free faxing/free coffee)

ASUAF President

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Dawson Mann

(907) 474-5896 |

Defined under Article II of the constitution:

Section 1. The President shall be an ASUAF member in good academic standing (2.0 Cumulative G.P.A.)

Section 3: The President shall have the executive authority of ASUAF and shall administer its affairs, enforce the acts of the Senate, and make all appointments, except as specified otherwise.

The President is also retains these powers and duties:

  • Assist students with navigating the University and various student services

  • Serve as an intermediary between the University and students seeking help

  • The power to veto any act within 6 days of its passage by the Senate, or line item veto any bugetary request. (This may be overturned by the Senate with a 2/3 vote)

  • Make any and all student appointments to University and ASUAF Committees, unless specified otherwise

  • Maintain two regular office hours per week in the ASUAF office

What can the President do for you?

  • Answer questions or assist students with any University issue

  • Voice concerns to UAF administrators and seek solutions for students

  • Connect student concerns with other student governments statewide

  • Help any student get involved!

ASUAF Vice President

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James McLean

Defined under Article III Section 2: The Vice-President shall assist the President in all duties of the President, as directed by the President

  • Chair of the Elections board (unless running in election)

  • Chair of the Club Council Committee

  • Member of Governance Coordination Council

  • Member of the CTC Student Advisory Council

  • Member of the Government Relations Council

What can the Vice President do for you?

  • Help students navigate clubs and other student services

  • Assist students who would like to get more involved through elections or other means

  • Answer questions about elections and club affairs

  • Voice student concerns to UAF administrators

  • Chair of the Elections board (unless running in election)

  • Chair of the Club Council Committee

  • Member of Governance Coordination Council

  • Member of the CTC Student Advisory Council

  • Member of the Government Relations Council

Executive Branch Directors

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Public Relations Director

Daniel Vaziri

(907) 251 - 7149 |

Duties of the Public Relations Director (per ASUAF Bylaws)

922. Duties of the Public Relations Director

922.1 The Public Relations Director’s duties include campus outreach, staffing, and developing campus events, providing technical assistance and recruitment to ASUAF events and functions. 922.2 Work with student leaders to positively publicize the ASUAF.

922.3 Assist with coordination of media outreach, and publicity events, to build awareness and support for the ASUAF and its positions on issues.

Government Relations Director

Peter Freymueller

Duties of the Government Relations Director (per ASUAF Bylaws)

931. Duties of the Government Relations Director

931.1 Develop and implement organizing and advocacy training programs for student leaders at ASUAF and in the campus community.

931.2 To be ASUAF’s official lobbyist to the Alaska State Legislature, the Governor of the state of Alaska, The Fairbanks North-Star Borough Assembly, and the Fairbanks City Council, and any other student or governmental entity in which ASUAF has membership or interest.

931.3 To be the Chair of the Government Relations Council and hold regular meetings at least once per month while the legislature is in session.

931.4 To, during the State Legislative Session, give weekly Government Relations, and, when applicable, Government Relations Council reports to the ASUAF Senate.

931.5 To track and report on issues of importance to the students of UAF currently facing official in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of local, state, and national governments.

931.6 To be responsible for sufficiently training, organizing and informing ASUAF representatives sent on advocacy trips.

931.7 To work closely with the ASUAF Senate Public Relations Committee regarding any relevant UA system governance or Alaska state and local government issues.

Student Advocacy Director

Bernard Aoto

Duties of the Student Advocacy Director

*Notice* As the Student Advocacy Director is a new position, Bylaws for this position have not yet been updated. For more information on this position, please refer to Senate Bill SB 189-003B. 

910. ASUAF Directors

910.1 Job descriptions shall be recorded and maintained in the ASUAF Employees Manual. Positions shall be for terms specified in respective contracts to be reviewed annually. 911. Powers and Duties of the ASUAF Directors

911.1.1 Every ASUAF Director or a representative will come to report to the Senate once every third Senate meeting, detailing the exact number of hours worked for the previous three weeks. Bylaws Of the Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks REVISED – April 9th, 2017 Page 24 of 29

911.1.2 Each department head shall submit an itemized budget to the ASUAF President as a part of ASUAF’s regular budgetary process.

911.1.3 Each department head shall maintain regular-posted office hours.

911.1.4 To present to the Internal Affairs Committee by the 31st of March a “Year in Review” report which shall include but is not limited to how closely the department followed its bylaws and details of progress the department made towards the goals of ASUAF.