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Meeting 186 E Agenda

Meeting 186-E Agenda

PDF Version: 186-E Agenda

ASUAF Senate Meeting 186-E

Sunday, February 21th, 2016

Gruening Building Room 208 at 4pm

1.     Call to Order

2.     Roll Call

3.     Adoption of Agenda

4.     Introduction of Guests and Guest’s Remarks

5.     Approval of Minutes

a.     186-D

6.     Consideration of Appointments

7.     Officer Reports

a.     Senate Chair

b.     President

c.     Vice President

d.     Directors

e.     Other Communications to The Senate

8.     For the Good of the Senate

a.     Mae Marsh - Title IX

b.     Kenzie Holbrook - Return Presentation, NAHB International Builders' Show

9.     Committee Reports

a.     Executive Committee

b.     Internal Affairs Committee

                                               i.     SB 186-002 Uh… Where are the meetings

                                             ii.     SB 186-004 ASUAF Sponsorship Acknowledgment

                                            iii.     SB 186-006 History of Legislation

                                            iv.     SB 186-007 Greeting of Guests

                                             v.     SR 186-002 Clarifying the purpose of legislation

                                            vi.     SD 186-001 ASUAF Collaborative Outreach Operations Providing Solutions

c.     Public Relations Committee

                                               i.     SB 186-001b An Act to Fund Needed Office Updates and Expansions

d.     Student Affairs Committee

10.  Roll Call

11.  Special Orders

12.  First Reading of Legislation

a.     SB 186-008 ASUAF Bylaw Addition: changing the meeting time given under certain   circumstances

b.     SR 186-003 Endorsement of the Alaska Native Studies Council’s 10/22/15 Memo to the                    UA-BOR that the University of Alaska adopt Alaska Native Studies as part of the        General Education Requirements (GER)

c.     SR 186-004 Confirming the New Blood

13.  Confirmation of Appointments

14.  Second Reading

15.  Other Business

16.  Roll Call

17.  Adjournment