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SB 186-004b

SB 186-004b

ASUAF Sponsorship Acknowledgement

Sponsor: Martin, Cain

First Considered: 11/31/15

Whereas ASUAF funds many campus events, student travel, student projects, and provides club funding;

Whereas ASUAF is often a silent provider of funding and does not get acknowledged as a supporter;

Whereas ASUAF is lacking in both senate membership, voter turnout, and in reputation;

Whereas ASUAF needs to utilize brand recognition and marketing to gain recognition and student support on campus; and

Whereas ASUAF brand and sponsor recognition tied with its financial support would provide ASUAF an investment in positive publicity, enhanced image, promote public awareness, increase visibility, and foster public relations among UAF students; now, therefore be it

Enacted, That Section 1220. Of the Bylaws include the following:

1220.4.2 Any funding allocated from ASUAF to any event or club must include an acknowledgement of ASUAF’s financial support within its marketing materials, i.e “funding provided by ASUAF.”

1220.4.3 An individual or group of students that receives funding from ASUAF for travel, a project, or other activity outside of normal Travel Funding must present to the ASUAF senate about their travel or project within one (1) semester of receiving funding in person using any presentation method.

Statement of Purpose: To increase student awareness of ASUAF and its positive impact on the University of Alaska Fairbanks community.

Fiscal Impact Statement: No Fiscal Impact

PDF Version: SB 186-004b