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SB 186-001

SB 186-001 An Act to Fund Needed Office Updates and Expansions

Sponsor: Quinones

First Considered: 1/17/16

Whereas A fully functioning, professional, and efficient working environment is essential for the successful fulfillment of Student Government and its duties;

Whereas Maintaining such an environment in the ASUAF offices requires, at a minimum, semi regular updates to its systems and equipment. Such an update began in the summer of 2015, but is still incomplete;

Whereas Expansions to the ASUAF office capabilities have been necessitated by the inclusion of the ASUAF Concert Board and other departments into the ASUAF offices; and

Whereas ASUAF funds are needed urgently to plan for and execute a follow-up advocacy trip; now, therefore be it

Enacted, That $5,100 from the ASUAF Roll Over be sued for the purchase of:

• Six Office Chairs

• Seven Office Computers

• One Bench Seat

• Two Soft Seats

• Shelving

Statement of Purpose: To maintain the effectiveness of the ASUAF office by providing for updated and new equipment.

Fiscal Impact Statement: Up to $5,100.00 from the ASUAF rollover fund.

PDF Version: SB 186-001