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SB 186-002

SB 186-002 Uh… Where are the Meetings?

Sponsor: Reid

First Considered: 11/24/15

Whereas Bylaws are notoriously jumbled; and

Whereas Changing the numbering will help the bylaws read better; now, therefore be it

Enacted, That By-law 200.3 has a clearly defined heading “200.3 Meetings” above it; and be it further

Enacted, That bylaws 200.4, 200.4.1, 200.4.2, 200.4.3, and 200.4.4 be Renumbered to 200.3, 200.3.2, 200.3.3, 200.3.4, and that bylaw 200.3 be renumbered to 200.3.1.

Statement of Purpose: To clearly define Senate meetings.

Fiscal Impact Statement: No Fiscal Impact

PDF Version: SB 186-002