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SB 186-005b

SB 186-005b

Bring Guarded to UAF

Sponsor: Martin

First Considered: 1/31/16

Whereas The University of Alaska Fairbanks is currently under investigation for Title IX compliance, prompting the University community to take a proactive approach to addressing issues pertaining to sexual assault, violence, and safety on campus;

Whereas Guarded is a photo project that addresses the measures that students go to and the weapons that they carry around on a daily basis to feel safe on their college campuses;

Whereas Guarded would be a thought-provoking art exhibit at UAF, since our University community is opening up to discussing violence and violence prevention;

Whereas Haley Heniff, a UAF student, wants to bring Guarded and its creators, Taylor Yocum and KT Hawbake, to display the photo project and present on the project from March 1 to 5th, 2016; and

Whereas Securing funding from ASUAF is critical for this photo project and its creators to come to UAF; now, therefore be it

Enacted, That Up to $2,484.50 from Rollover be awarded to the UAF-UAA Psychology PhD Program for the purpose of hosting the Guarded art event

Statement of Purpose: To bring the photo project Guarded and its creators to the University of Alaska Fairbanks from March first to fifth to hang and present on their photo project.

Fiscal Impact Statement: Up to $2,484.50 from Rollover.

PDF Version: SB 186-005b