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SB 186-006

SB 186-006

History of Legislation

Sponsor: Blum, White, Martin, Murph, Quinones, Cain

First Considered: 2/7/16

Whereas The Senate at present does not review the implementation or effect of legislation after it is passed;

Whereas The senate will be more effective by reflecting on its actions and providing future members with a more complete history of legislation; and

Whereas It is entirely within our power to prepare and keep a historic record of our actions; now, therefore be it

Enacted, That The following Bylaw be added to the duties of the Senate Clerk. 

221.11To prepare a report on the implementation of legislation that is ratified by the Senate. The report should briefly summarize what is found and be held on record.

Statement of Purpose: To provide a learning tool for future Senates and allow standing Senators to accurately reflect on legislation.

Fiscal Impact Statement: None

PDF Version: SB 186-006