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SB 186-007

SB 186-007 Greeting of Guests

Sponsor: Blum, Anderson-Agimuk, White, Martin, Murph, Quinones, Cain

First Considered: 2/7/16

Whereas The senate wants guests who attend our regular meeting to feel welcome;

Whereas Currently no member of the Senate is dedicated to the welcoming of guests; and

Whereas Designating a member of the body to meet guests will create a friendly environment and provide direction to those not familiar with our meeting’s procedures; now, therefore be it

Enacted, That The following Bylaw be added to the duties of the Senate Clerk. 

221.10To greet guests at the Senate’s regular meeting, collecting for the minutes their name and motivation for attending, and to introduce them at the appropriate time in the meeting’s business that they may address the body if they so wish. 

Statement of Purpose: To ensure guests are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our regular meeting.

Fiscal Impact Statement: None

PDF Version: SB 186-007