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SB 186-008

SB 186-008

ASUAF Bylaw Addition: Changing the Meeting Time Given Under Certain Circumstances

Sponsor: Murph, Martin

First Considered: 2/21/16

Whereas ASUAF senators meet every Sunday at 4 PM, as outlined by Bylaw 200.4:

200.4 The Senate shall meet every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters.;

Whereas Meetings can only be canceled, postponed, or special meetings may be added as also outlined by the bylaws

200.4.1 A special meeting of the ASUAF Senate may be called by the Chair, the ASUAF President or by the written request of four (4) senators submitted to the Senate Chair

200.4.2 Any special meeting of the ASUAF Senate must be announced 72 hours in advance of the special meeting

200.4.3 The Senate may cancel or postpone a meeting by a ⅔ vote, not to exceed four (4) canceled meetings in a semester.;

Whereas The traditional meeting time, Sundays at 4 PM, may not always prove to be the best meeting time due to holiday or extenuating circumstances; and

Whereas Cancelling and/or postponing meetings delays the movement of legislation, confirmation of senate appointments, and other business; now, therefore be it

Enacted, That An addition to the bylaws be as stated:

200.4.5 If by a 2/3 vote, the senators decide that a (1) future meeting be changed to another date and/or time other than Sunday at 4 PM, also determined by a 2/3 majority vote, that the date and time be changed and announced.

Statement of Purpose: To give Senators the ability to change the meeting times as needed.

Fiscal Impact Statement: None

PDF Version: SB 186-008