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Bernard Aoto


Duties of the Student Advocacy Director

*Notice* As the Student Advocacy Director is a new position, Bylaws for this position have not yet been updated. For more information on this position, please refer to Senate Bill SB 189-003B. 

910. ASUAF Directors

910.1 Job descriptions shall be recorded and maintained in the ASUAF Employees Manual. Positions shall be for terms specified in respective contracts to be reviewed annually. 911. Powers and Duties of the ASUAF Directors

911.1.1 Every ASUAF Director or a representative will come to report to the Senate once every third Senate meeting, detailing the exact number of hours worked for the previous three weeks. Bylaws Of the Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks REVISED – April 9th, 2017 Page 24 of 29

911.1.2 Each department head shall submit an itemized budget to the ASUAF President as a part of ASUAF’s regular budgetary process.

911.1.3 Each department head shall maintain regular-posted office hours.

911.1.4 To present to the Internal Affairs Committee by the 31st of March a “Year in Review” report which shall include but is not limited to how closely the department followed its bylaws and details of progress the department made towards the goals of ASUAF.