Mission Statement

The Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, or ASUAF, is YOUR Student Government. The function of ASUAF is to represent and act on behalf of the students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


The Purpose of ASUAF

  • To provide the means for responsible and effective student participation in the organization and control of student affairs
  • To provide an official and representative student organization with powers to receive complaints, investigate student problems, and participate in decisions involving the student body
  • To take action in the best interest of the student body and the university community
  • To provide an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed
  • To provide means whereby students may gain experience and training in responsible political participation and community leadership
  • To foster awareness of the students' role in campus, local, state, and national and international communities
  • To provide services and activities for the students and the University community at large