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Sweet spots on girls.

Sweet spots on girls. You cannot make your primary larger or livelier with exercises or girlfriend.

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On the other hand, you might enjoy soft caresses or tension-relieving massage, especially if you sit on your booty all day for work, notes Chavez.

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A singer's sweet spot's also the part of their vocal-range in which they're least likely to strain their voices and damage their vocal-cords while they're singing.

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One final piece of good news: there is some evidence to suggest that as women get older and their levels of the sex hormone oestrogen begin to drop usually in their 30sthe G-spot becomes more sensitive.

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Because the lips and clitoris are physically connected, a lot of women find that stimulating their lips indirectly stimulates their clitoris, which may be a preferred way of stimulation since the clitoris itself is so sensitive.

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